Logo and Identity Design for Players Entertainment Network

August 3, 2020

Logo and Identity Design for Players Entertainment Network

TL;DR I used the Adobe Creative Suite to design the logo and identity for the Players Entertainment Network

The Brief

The Players Entertainment Network, nickname “The PEN”, is a newly formed entertainment network that is gaming focused and will produce live events and original content featuring Influencers from the professional sports, music, social media and entertainment industries who are looking to shape pop culture. “The PEN” is in need of a brand identity. An identity rooted in a unique and recognizable logo that will become the signature piece and identification for the network and its digital dream team of talent.

Audience is a young and diverse demographic, from all walks of life and genders. Our fans will be trendsetters, urban, into pop culture and find meaning in symbols that help to showcase their identity and beliefs. Our logo shouldn’t just be representation of the network and our Influencers but our fans.

PEN Physical Media

The Logo

I knew for the logo and identity, that in order for it to cater towards the Player Entertainment Network's audience, it needed to bright and bold. The 'P' monogram serves to be placed on merchandise that is popular with the target audience.

The Identity

The identity combines the playfulness of events with the 'techy-ness' of video games. The dark blue and electric blue come together to form a noticeable and own able identity.

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